I am a woman of empirical evidence,
Guided by solid reasoning and lucid logic.
To convince me, show me the data:
Put it in a pie chart,
Pinpoint the location on a map
Boil it down to the basic elements
on the periodic table.
Hard evidence sways me; I dwell in the tangible,
The practical, the finite.

But you, offering all your arresting chemistry
And solid right angles,
Your immeasurable depths
And uncharted territories—
You muddle up my standard procedures
And disprove my theorems.

I am confused by the science of you.


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Mommy, Writer, Teacher, BRCA2+ Previvor, Sports Fan, Logophile, Bibliophile, Hedonist, Perpetual Bon Vivant mixed with the Occasional Curmudgeon. you can find me on Twitter @CharIsAWriter and here at

3 thoughts on “Science”

  1. That was great, nice flow of words and meaning. The poems I’ve read here are so great, they seem to express thoughts I’ve had but in a way I wish I could. You are amazing and incredible I’m every way that I know about you, little though it may be.

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